Monday, March 1, 2010

Relating to the Robin

The human race learns much through observation. Each individual sees something of himself in the mirror when observing a creature of this earth. Such is the Robin. We have songs about them. We have sayings about them. Yet the truth can escape us. The Robin is a creature of comfort, just like about any other creature on the earth. One wonders exactly what drives "comfort".

One person told me once that a man should enjoy shaving his face. That seemed beyond me. Then he taught me to heat up the shaving cream, make sure the razor is sharp, turn on some music and think positively or daydream and proceed to enjoy the moment. Then I discovered what he meant and I now enjoy shaving (when I want to).

So this Robin, as it sits on the birdbath in the cool breeze, relaxes in the sun, taking in the moment with ruffled feathers, to dry and enjoy his surroundings. He stayed there for 20 minutes, soaking up the sun. Ahhh.... a nice warm sun after a cold bath without a worry in the world. Maybe he needs some music - oops ... he produces his own!