Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Small step is every one's responsiblity

Have you ever seen something that is not correct and you know someone will be affected by it sometime? Many of us just go on our way and ignore it. A few months ago, after three years irritated by incorrect data on Google, I decided I would just report the problem and be done with it. I did and wow! Google researched it, found their error, corrected it and gave me feedback to check it out. It was a simple little thing. A pond in a park here was misnamed on Google Maps. It was labeled Mooney Pond. Now it is correctly labeled Reedy Pond and anyone can Google the pond. GPS systems will probably be updated as well over time since GPS objects generally start with Google. One minute little change that will affect someone in the future. We all can make some difference for others, even if is just a little thing such as this.