Thursday, September 30, 2010

Memorable Texan and Cowboy Faces in Reliant Stadium

Dancing at entrance

Watching a football game in Houston's Reliant Stadium is full of fun. The people and the place makes any game a memorable experience. On this particular Sunday, Hispanic Heritage was celebrated. Here's a few people I enjoyed during the game.
In foreground - super nice fan
Sitting immediately behind us was this lovely and fun lady. She helped make the day much better. Hello!
Texan colored hair-do
One row ahead of us was this fellow. I wonder how difficult it was to remove the colors from his hair.
Stadium neighbors

This fan is at every single game sitting right next to us, so we have gotten to know this lady.
Nearby fans
This couple was into the game very seriously, paying attention to every detail, watching a play being rerun on the scoreboard TV.
Memorable faces in the crowd
Very good fans - making noise and showing signs

Memorable face
Salute from memorable fan
  This man is well known at Texans games. The news media often spotlights him in the crowd.  He honored me as he has done before, by saluting me. Thanks buddy. We all respect your dedication and strong support for our team.
Loyal fans next to us
memorable face / enthusiastic fan

Memorable Cowboy fan
Another Cowboy fan

Award winning Cowboy fan
This young lady is 11 years old. She has always been a Cowboy fan even though her family supports the Texans. She knew the players, the rules and was very aware of the action on  and off the field. Everyone loved her and her enthusiasm. I heard a couple of people yell to her "I want to adopt you". I would have said it also but didn't need to. She talked to me the entire game off and on. In the third quarter, my heart melted when she said - "Mister, it will be alright. You can win next week." My hat off to you sweetie. You made the game super enjoyable for many Texan fans around us, as well as the Cowboys, even though we lost. The award? My special award goes to her for sportsmanlike conduct! Lots of people can learn how to be a better fan and competitor from this girl.
Foster is definitely making a difference for us this year
Poise and class
A standout in the crowd, she demonstrated a serious demeanor and intense concern for the game.

This is one of several articles on the Cowboy/Texan game of September 26th, 2010. Click on any photo for a full screen view.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't help but love the Texan and Cowboy Fans at the Tailgate party

We are one in this great state of ours. That was shown by the gentleman behaviors at the stadium in the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans game on October 26th, 2010, at Reliant Stadium. It was also evident in the smiles and congeniality among those on opposite support positions. I am going to share that with you here. Such lovely people with which to enjoy the Tailgate party.
My tummy hurts from laughing!
I saw this lovely lady when she was giggling over a joke with her friends. I seemed to make it a lot worse when I started kidding her about her tattoo! She was trying to explain to me that the tattoo wasn't real and I wasn't buying it. She wins the award on best laugh! Would we all have such a personality! She had me rolling on the floor before I could get out of their tent.

Want a chiller? Who can say no to that sweet face?
Miss Miller Light had a great smile. She was passing out some nice Texans chillers. You don't think the guys behind her noticed her, do you?

I can't believe you did that!
This guy had just finished off a Tequila shot(s) with whipped cream. The girls are laughing as he has come out of it unscathed but wait a minute! He has water in his hand! A feeble attempt to detox?

We are the Texans!

This was Tejano day, a celebration of the rich culture in the latino community who support our Texans. Some folks won't let Earl Campbell be forgotten. To us, he played for the Texans, not the Oilers.

So you like my red hair. Ok then I will show it to you in the sun!

This young lady was destined to be featured before I left the tent. Her red hair I found to be amazing as it glowed in the sun.  And that is why her smile is so genuine.

This is the way it goes. We are going to win!!

Listen pops, I am proud of my Mexican heritage. Tengo muchisimo orgullo de mis parientes de Mexico. Hablas el español? Porque no?

Hey pops, look at me! I'm ready!!!

Hey pops! I am about to show Dallas what a real man is like! I AM READY FOR WAR on the turf! Let me at 'em.
You and I both know that I am the sweetheart of the Texans fans
Another lovely lady making a statement. Texans it is, has been and will continue to be!

Can I help that I am a Dallas fan?
All ages were represented at the Tailgate and in the stands of Reliant.

Great boots
I think this lady was waiting for me. I saw her cleaning the front of the truck and apparently waxing the front bumper. Then I figured it out. She wanted a clean place to sit down. Now she was ready for a photo to be taken! Please .... No problema!

You gotta be kidding me!

You want me to do what? ... Geez buddy! The lady just before you wanted her photo taken!

Little Guy award - going right in the ole bread basket
Watch me put it where Schaub #8 would put it, right into the hands of Andre Johnson, #80!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smok'n at a Tailgate Party - Dallas vs Houston

Smoking BBQ
Yep, fans were smok'n at the tailgate party for the Texans. Houston fans hosted the Dallas fans for a rip-roaring Texas party on the grass and pavement in the parking lots outside of Reliant Stadium.  Lines of traffic at 8AM testified to the fact that this would be a great I-45 Championship game at 12:00.  Some started with coffee but were well into the beer long before they got to the stadium.
Custom omelets

Some cooked by smoke; some by steam and other by direct fire.

These omelets in a boiling pan was the breakfast shortly followed by grilled steak at one tent. Each omelet was custom built by the person and put into a bag with their name on it. In just 12 minutes, it was ready! Served with coffee  .... yum yum! Judging from the alcohol and bar next to it, I assumed the breakfast table was closed soon after I left, and the party commenced to get under way here!
Links are ready!  Let's eat!
These links were cooked on the grill. I got to taste many fans' cooking on this day. Yum!

Foot remedy
Last Tailgate against the Colts, feet were smoked by the sun and 100 degree heat. This time, these folks came prepared. Honest! This ice was for their feet!!!! Smok'n in reverse ...

Shish Kbob heaven
  Grill'n and smok'n some juicy bobs!
Football war dance
Smokin some steaks as they danced the might Texan war dance. Might have been smoking something else too. Hold it! I see an enemy warrior in the camp!
Serious Smoker
Commercial BBQ places show their stuff off here as well, but this just happens to be a grill won in a $20 lottery last year. The owner loves it! Check out the signatures when you are out there.
Bacon wraps
Now that's smokin! Just getting started on the food but the beer is well on its way.Texans all the way!
Hot dog!
Cook up some chili and boil some wieners and you got a family dinner! Don't they look great!?
Wrapped Jalapeños
Stuffed jalapeños. They called them Jalapeño wraps. "Mildly hot." After I ate the one or two they offered me, I ran looking for a beer or two or three!!! ANYTHING COLD!
I asked about these but did not sample their wings. The cook said they were very hot. Well, after the not-hot Jalapeños, I figured I had better not eat anything that required a gallon of beer.
The Sausage Dog
My buddy and cook made this for us. When I got back from sampling all these foods and a gob of beer, he puts me in front of this and expects me to eat it! I ate a few bites which were delicious but I needed a gallon of beer to go with it, so I told him, are you trying to kill me?  Spicylike never before had I eaten anything spicy!  He ate this one and made me another. So good!

This is one of several articles I am writing on this ball game. Stay tuned, there are more to come. You can click on any one photograph in the commentary to view a full screen photo.