Friday, January 13, 2012

Wait a Minute! Halt! Stop! Where are we going anyway?

The world tomorrow!?! Have you seen technological advances lately? What about medical advances? Where is the think tank for all the predicted change? Are we spinning out of control? My reading of late has led me to dark corners. How dark? I will let you determine that. This contemplation and commentary has everything to do with the love for life and its quality. I have barked for years about the quality of life in the community we know as "The Woodlands". Nothing compares though to the drama and vision unfolding before us in some circles of humanity seeking "advances" of our species. Our value systems can and will change, but there is a real long range threat for a significant change in the quality of life for everyone.

Just step back 200 years for a moment. Most of our ancestry lived a placid life in the country somewhere, farming or ranching, living off the land. Lives were relatively short while working the soil and the cattle, and some even threatened by the native Americans. Life was relatively slow and passionate. Plagues and disease from Europe, Asia and Africa brought many of our ancestors to their graves. The human body is designed to live about 70 years, when in a healthy state. Life expectancy has been extended by drugs and technologies in the past 50 years. In 1970, we expected to live 70 years on average. In 2010, we expect to live 76 years on average. In 2020, the US Census sees a continued increase of that number to 79.5 years. The growth rate of this extension is low relative to what we can expect as new advances in medicine comes from altered genetics instead of drugs and medicines. We are on the cusp of a new health era. The first modern era was only 100 years ago when doctors practiced physical medicine. Then they practiced chemical medicine. Organic medicine is now beginning to become a reality.

Take it back to just 100 years ago. We started using inventions like the light bulb, automobiles, and the telephone. Our lives changed dramatically, so dramatically that we expect those conveniences today, and those inventions actually play a role in our every minute and very existence.    

Do you remember the movie "Star Wars"? Remember how far out that was 50 years ago? Now let's compare what this earth will look like in 200 or even 100 years. Today, many of us have cameras in our pockets.  It just happens to also be a video camera, telephone, calculator, newspaper, magazine, stereo, encyclopedia, dictionary, translator, calendar, pen, pencil, paper, graphics easel, paint, crayons, photo album, bird call, and a host of other things that most of us just could not imagine 50 years ago. We don't need outer space to get to new horizons of change. We do need outer space in our lives for research and learning. That enables our vision. We may still very well be unique in all of what exists - a sophisticated organic computer. We could just be an accident of nature, a very remote possibility in organisms and structure. Then too, it could be we exist because we were synthesized into a being for a special purpose in the universe. For the purpose at hand, it doesn't really matter.

So in 100 years? This is an example of what is happening under the covers as we speak. New electronic devices are being introduced to enable an electronic game that makes you feel the game, not just play with it intellectually with a mouse. Yes, we are talking about an added dimension of experience, not just playing. In 100 years, it will not only be a game, it could very well be a life, that which we normally do, hour by hour, day by day.  Today we work, tomorrow we work, but our recreation time may not need much space. We could experience all our recreation in a small room and feel good about it. Our social lives will change dramatically and we will begin to evolve or morph into a species that is chemically and physically auto-balanced by technology. This is inevitable based on what is happening now in the medical field and in technology.

Our lives could very well extend to 270 years or so by current research and application of that research. There are projects underway right now, showing promise of such extended life. Genetics has taken on sophistication unknown just 50 years ago. Now that we are uncovering the human genome, we find ourselves discovering in more depth what we are made of and how we pass certain attributes from one generation to another. It goes beyond what we once thought was physical. It includes chemical bonding to the genetic structures. Understanding brings change. Why is that? We are creatures which have insight into our flaws both physically and mentally, and we seek to change them. We don't desire to have some traits, but there are traits which we seek as well.  The perfect human is what we seek to be. We do not want to disappear from this earth, along with the loss of our intellectual propensities. We wish to forward our intellect not only in ourselves, but save it for our offspring as well. Sure, we are far from being perfect intellectually. Knowledge from past experiences is note worthy but not replacement worthy. Our children develop much of their intellect from the home, but a great deal of it comes from outside the home. They mastermind the development of their own intellect. Social behaviors in this society stimulate growth of the composite race. So the advancement of the human race is individual by individual, while collectively the advancement of the race as a society is greater than that of the sum of its parts.    

Outer space again takes an eventual role in this change. For our species to ultimately survive, we need to be able to colonize other planets and eventually other galaxies and universes. Finding suitable locations is of utmost importance and often under-rated. Social and life changes are to take place in the future and visionaries can see that today. In 200 years, don't you think we will have an explorer in outer space searching for such places? Growing food, creating water and manufacturing will all have to exist in such efforts.

Do you think that we will be able to save the earth as we know it today? Maybe for 100-200 years but beyond that, who knows? The demand for space and resources is ever growing. Today we have ideas about harvesting the Gulf of Mexico for energy. Yes, harvesting! We have the capability to do that, but there is great fear of the consequences to global weather and ocean life. We can think big today, bigger than ever before. So how big will we think in 100 years? Will our social values limit us or will we go ahead to new frontiers. The mass of humanity is a huge source of diverse thought. We have yet to even begin leveraging that huge source.. China is beginning to break loose towards that end,making the prospects better for a global tank of knowledge. We could separately look at each continent's role towards a 100-year advancement, but not here.

America will not dominate the world forever, in technology, medicine or politics. The youth of today faces a challenge here. It is important that every American gives thought to their future. Don't ignore politics and all the driving forces of change. Where do we want to go? In America, we have the power and privilege to guide those forces around us, but worldwide, we can only influence it. We are training the world to take our role in the manufacturing and now design of the future. How do I come to that conclusion? Firsthand! National borders will continue to become more transparent. I believe we will inevitably have a smaller role in world politics, and that is not far away. That change will likely be dramatic within the next 200 years, if history indeed does repeat itself.

And does it matter what our political representatives think about these things?: Of course it does! Looking at internet Think Tank sites, I ran across a reference to this article in Wikipedia for the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. It is by INC called Does It Matter That One Candidate is Comfortable Using Technology and One Isn’t? This shows how strategy in government can be formulated based on ideal, value and who you elect. It is not simple. Nevertheless, voting is a responsibility for all of us, to choose our fate and our destiny. Yes it is more than just operational. The voting booth is the place where we the mass can be heard.

Go vote in the coming elections. Influence your children's future and the future of this world. Start guiding this mayhem of change with your social consciousness and family values. Participate in local and national elections.  It all starts at home. Be a part of "home" first. Be a part of your children's future. Have some impact. Ask your Senator or House Representative about some of this. Ask your local politician about it. It is all about the direction that our leaders promote in making decisions for your money.  If they are actually governing, they are molding the future for us and our children. Otherwise, they are simply members of a club, which may or may not actually be governing. They call it "government" for a reason.

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