Thursday, September 30, 2010

Memorable Texan and Cowboy Faces in Reliant Stadium

Dancing at entrance

Watching a football game in Houston's Reliant Stadium is full of fun. The people and the place makes any game a memorable experience. On this particular Sunday, Hispanic Heritage was celebrated. Here's a few people I enjoyed during the game.
In foreground - super nice fan
Sitting immediately behind us was this lovely and fun lady. She helped make the day much better. Hello!
Texan colored hair-do
One row ahead of us was this fellow. I wonder how difficult it was to remove the colors from his hair.
Stadium neighbors

This fan is at every single game sitting right next to us, so we have gotten to know this lady.
Nearby fans
This couple was into the game very seriously, paying attention to every detail, watching a play being rerun on the scoreboard TV.
Memorable faces in the crowd
Very good fans - making noise and showing signs

Memorable face
Salute from memorable fan
  This man is well known at Texans games. The news media often spotlights him in the crowd.  He honored me as he has done before, by saluting me. Thanks buddy. We all respect your dedication and strong support for our team.
Loyal fans next to us
memorable face / enthusiastic fan

Memorable Cowboy fan
Another Cowboy fan

Award winning Cowboy fan
This young lady is 11 years old. She has always been a Cowboy fan even though her family supports the Texans. She knew the players, the rules and was very aware of the action on  and off the field. Everyone loved her and her enthusiasm. I heard a couple of people yell to her "I want to adopt you". I would have said it also but didn't need to. She talked to me the entire game off and on. In the third quarter, my heart melted when she said - "Mister, it will be alright. You can win next week." My hat off to you sweetie. You made the game super enjoyable for many Texan fans around us, as well as the Cowboys, even though we lost. The award? My special award goes to her for sportsmanlike conduct! Lots of people can learn how to be a better fan and competitor from this girl.
Foster is definitely making a difference for us this year
Poise and class
A standout in the crowd, she demonstrated a serious demeanor and intense concern for the game.

This is one of several articles on the Cowboy/Texan game of September 26th, 2010. Click on any photo for a full screen view.

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